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May 3, 2020
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April 6, 2021
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Complex Re-Revision Hip Replacement

54 year old female was operated Hip pain else where with a metal on metal Implant. After 3 years of surgery she developed Hip pain due to metalosis and Revision(Redo) surgery was done by a second surgeon. After 3 year of second surgery the Implant broke and she came to Laud Clinic with Hip pain.

Xray showed broken shaft of Implant with signs of loosening.

At Laud Clinic we did a Re-revision surgery(3rd Surgery) by removing the old broken implant with help of custom made implant extraction instruments and Special Imported Modular Titanium Implant was used with ceramic ball.

After surgery, on the same night itself she started to move her hips, and the very next day she started to walk with her full weight on her legs. In the couple of days following the surgery, our team of expert Physiotherapists trained her in the clinic to walk, sitting on chair / commode . She was later discharged home walking with a walker for balance.

Xray  1 year of surgery showed bone healed (united).

Now She is comfortably walking and doing activities without any further issues.