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May 3, 2020
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May 3, 2020
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Hip Replacement in Totally fused Hip

This 28 year old gentleman, a shop owner had a fire in his shop. While trying to douse the fire he had multiple burns. He had to be hospitalized for 4-5 months. When he recovered from the burns he noticed that his hips are damaged and fused.

He came to us as he was not able to walk or sit properly & use public transportations as both hips were having No movements at all. He could not also use Indian toilet and had to take bed pan !

Xray showed both the hip joints were totally fused with Zero gap left in the joint. All the muscles were converted to bones due to a process called Myositis Ossificans

He underwent Hip replacement for both side at our clinic one after the other.

After surgery he can walks and sit on a chair like a normal person and has excellent movement in his hips. He also got married and is now living a happy life.

The Hip replacement surgeries gave him a new lease of life of quality and normal function.