Knee Replacement in a Severely Deformed Knees by Dr Harish Bhende, Mumbai
May 2, 2020
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Knee Replacement, for a failed Knee fracture surgery (plates and screws) on the same side at Laud Clinic, Mumbai

75 years old Retired officer had a fall at home. He had a fracture in the knee joint and was operated elsewhere with plates and screws. Even after 4 months of the surgery he was having severe knee pain & was unable to walk with that leg.

See in the 4-month post-op x-ray The bone is collapsed and Gap is created in the knee joint.

He came to Laud Clinic at this stage. During our surgery, all the plates and screws were removed and Knee replacement surgery was done with a special type of Implant using long rod for extra stability.

He started to move the knee on the night of the surgery and was started to walk the very next day with full weight on the operated leg.

3 months after the knee replacement surgery he daily climbs the stairs to his second-floor apartment comfortably.