Knee replacement for a lady with old Nail inside the Femur (Thigh Bone) on the same side.
May 3, 2020
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May 3, 2020
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Knee Replacement in a Severe Obese Patient

Doc can it be done with my weight?

53 year old lady weighing over 130kg had a liposuction done elsewhere 2 years ago for controlling her severe obesity. But she had infection after operation and developed severe scars. She was not able to do household activities & was unable to go even for a walk.

Her Xrays showed severe wear of joints cartilage (severe Osteoarthritis) causing the bones to rub against each other in both her knees. This was the reason for her severe pain.

She got her knee replacement surgery done at Laud clinic.

After surgery, on the same night itself she started to move her knees, and the very next day she started to walk with her full weight on her legs.

In the couple of days following the surgery our team of expert Physiotherapists trained her in the clinic to walk, sitting on chair / commode and stair climbing

Now she is enjoying her pain-free knees by going for a  brisk morning walk  every day as part of her aerobic weight loss treatment.